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"You go down the longest road to nowhere,

You pull it apart and you're just left there."

Writer's Block: Front and Center
What summer concert would you love to watch from the front row?

DEADMAU5!! live at the Electric Factory in Pennsylvania July 24th! it's going to be wicked, i know it!

Writer's Block: Ten minutes in heaven
If you could have 10 minutes alone with anyone in the world where you could do or say whatever you wanted without consequences, who would you choose and what would you do?

I'd definitely have to go with my buddy Nicholas. I would tell him just how much he means to me, and explain how happy he makes me. He is the reason for loving my life, and he'll forever be, "my music buddy." I love you Nicholas! Thanks for everything.

complete genius. that's all i can say. This grabs hold of me, and i can't get enough of it.

well, hell.
Sometimes i can't even stand how utterly bored i am. It's unhealthy to be this bored, i should be doing something.. but, i really can't seem to find the will power. All i can think about it Live Journal, iTunes, and British comedies. I wish i could just spend my life that way, but i know that if i could i'd generally look at it, and wish i was where i am now. I never thought in a million years that i'd be wishing for school to roll back around. The summer has been a drag for me these past two years. I think it's because i have the biggest aspirations i've ever had at the current moment. I've never wanted to grow up so badly. When i was a small child, i remember i would break down and cry sometimes just thinking about getting older, i was living in a perfect world, and i never wanted to even think about what would happen in the future. I would have dreams of my family getting old, and dreams of dying. I couldn't never get over the fact that i would die one day. After realizing that, it held my life back. I would refuse things, and live the days exactly the same as the previous, thinking that if i never changed i'd always be the same. Never grow old. Obviously, i couldn't have been more wrong. Instead of staying young all around, i just grew up without any typical experience. I regret it so unbelievably much. Now, without any of that knowledge, I'm sometimes self conscious about how i act. I've been assured that i am a strange and different type of girl. I can be very literal and mature, but it's funny how many child things i enjoy. Children's television shows still draw my attention. Not as much the base of the show grabbing me, really just the thought of how they used to be so much more to me. It was how we made friends in school, it was how we were part of the world. Now it seems silly television shows don't matter as much. If you want friends these days, you need to have smoked everything smokable, and be constantly wasted. The only other 'in' is music taste. Luckily, that's where i soar. The reason i am living, the reason i am who i am is because of my music. It's one of the biggest, and one of the most difficult categories to fit in to. One of the most complicated things to have in common with people is not only music, but shared music opinion. However, i seem to have found one person who is exactly the same as me. Just one. It and unbelievable connection we have, i'm never afraid to speak my opinion because i know he'll understand. Even if eh doesn't agree fully, he can somewhat agree and understand where i stand. he's opened up a new life for me, and i thank him more then i could even explain to him. I hope that in the near future, i can find more people just like him. He really jump started me.

 i need money.